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The Sandler sales methodology flips the script of the traditional sales process to a certain extent. While sales has historically revolved around the idea that potential buyers should be pursued and convinced by sellers, the Sandler process states that both parties should be equally invested. Although this doesn’t completely reverse the two roles, it does level the scale.

Objections such as time or budget restraints often derail deals after a considerable amount of work has already been invested by both prospect and salesperson. But Sandler-trained reps strive to raise and assess the majority of obstacles in the qualification process. If the rep discovers that his offering won’t truly address the potential client's concerns, he won’t waste time convincing them that it actually does -- he’ll simply abandon the process. Rather than the seller convincing the buyer to buy, with this methodology, the buyer is almost convincing the seller to sell.

*** For the last two years I have participated in an ongoing, weekly sales training course with Kirk Armstrong of Armstrong Coaching, LLS. During this time, I have trained tirelessly to hone in my sales and business management skills.


Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter

Since our inception in 1984, the Surfrider Foundation has evolved into one of the largest non-profit grassroots organizations dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.  

 Today, we are measurably stronger, with more force and movement than ever before. We have 84 chapters, plus 30 high school and college clubs, and more than 250,000 supporters, volunteers and activists around the country. We are working on about 100 different campaigns in four core areas: beach access, clean water, coastal preservation (coastal development) and ocean protection. Armed with a model to defend the coast, we have achieved more than 300 coastal victories (and counting) since 2006.

 There’s still a lot of work to be done. Our work is critical. And, our long-term success and growth is a tribute to our founders’ vision: that taking on an environmental battle may not be easy, but with constant pressure, endlessly applied, it can, and will, be won. It's what makes Surfrider unique.

 *** I am an active member and volunteer with The San Diego Chapter of Surfrider. 


VEGA Sports Nutrition

 I served as an ambassador for the Vega Sports Nutrition company. Vega's vision is "to empower the world to thrive". They aim to:

"To share our passion for clean, plant-based nutrition through education and leading by example; to deliver premium, innovative, industry-leading wellness solutions to our valued customers; to live our commitment to constant improvement by pursuing perfection, one small change at a time; to foster a fulfilling, inspiring workplace for Vegatopians that’s sustainable for our people, our company, and our planet."
As an ambassador, I represented Vega and its core values of health and sustainability throughout every aspect of my life. My intention was not to sell a product, but rather a lifestyle of health and happiness. My passion for health, sustainability and adventure lent itself well to advocating for Vega. I truly believe that a healthy body in motion is the most powerful tool we have as individuals.  


North Face® Grant Proposal 

In January of 2010, the Carolina Climbers Coalition (CCC) received a generous $72,000 Conservation Bridge-Loan from the Access Fund to aid in the purchasing and protection of a 6.12 acre tract of land at Rumbling Bald in the Hickory Nut Gorge, NC.  Rumbling Bald is home to some of the South East’s greatest collection of boulders and rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.  Understanding the significance of what’s at stake, the CCC took the initiative to acquire this land and protect it from falling prey to degradation and development.  The loan was to be repaid within two years, and monetary support was sought from many individuals and organizations.  To assist in the acquisition of this land, I proposed a $5,000 grant to the North Face®. 

Upon submission of the grant, the CCC was awarded $5,000 along with many other charitable contributions from the North Face ® to put towards the Rumbling Bald project




Gulf Adventure Supply

Since its inception in February of 2013, the Gulf Adventure Center has grown to be a leading force in the Adventure Recreation Industry. During my time at the GAC, I developed relationships with leading Manufactures in the industry while developing a catalogue to be used by other start-up companies to help them order the gear/equipment they need at the best available prices. Alongside Tom Schlinkert (the visionary owner of the GAC), we worked together at developing another business model in which we would franchise other ziplines and adventure facilities by providing direct access to builders, gear/equipment via Gulf Adventure Supply, world-class employee trainings, marketing needs and business management trainings/manuals.

As well as developing an equipment catalogue and franchising other facilities, I gave input into the design of a new trolley (the instrument used to zip down the lines with) that would host an internal braking system to be used as a more care-free and reliable source for slowing guests on the lines. I am working to partner with 'Harken ®' to create this revolutionary product for the industry.


Alabama Coastal Foundation 

The Alabama Coastal Foundation's mission is to improve and protect Alabama's coastal environment through cooperationeducation, and participation. 

Since 1993, the Alabama Coastal Foundation (ACF) has worked to create a healthy balance between the conservation needs of our priceless coastal resources and the inevitable pressures of economic growth. ACF encourages responsible citizen action and offer opportunities for individuals to play a vital role in preserving the environment and our coastal way of life. 

 ACF accomplishes its mission by providing reliable, well-researched data, promoting public dialogue, and advocating community action. 

 The ACF is different from other environmental protection organizations since they seek to establish common ground amongst government sectors, local business, major industry, grassroots groups and individual citizens.  This enables the ACF to work together in addressing coastal conservation issues. They are committed to addressing priority environmental issues throughout the region to preserve and protect our coastal way of life.  

***I was an active member of the ACF and a voice of advocacy for protecting the Alabama Gulf Coast and its diverse natural resources.



  Association for Challenge Course Technology

Founded in 1993, ACCT is committed to promoting the use of Challenge Courses Technology and to setting minimum standards for Challenge Course and Aerial Adventure Course installation, operation and inspection. Under the rigorous instruction and training of ACCT founder, Jim Wall - I am an ACCT certified climbing wall, zipline and ropes course builder and trainer.  During my time with Challenge Design Innovations, I built over 15 ziplines and aerial parks, instructed many guide trainings and performed in high angle rescue situations.  I have demonstrated a high knowledge and understanding of ACCT standards and facilitation techniques. I am very passionate as an instructor and demand the same level of care and attention to detail from my students.




Wilderness First Responder

The Wilderness Medicine Institute is the leader in wilderness medicine education.  WMI's goal is to provide the highest quality education and information for the recognition, treatment, and prevention of wilderness emergencies. WMI's dynamic curriculum is accurate, practical and relevant. It’s supported by internationally recognized wilderness medicine protocols and implemented by a full-time Curriculum Director.

I am a certified Wilderness First Resonder through Landmark Learning and NOLS' 10 day WFR course.  I have demonstrated a proficiency wilderness medicine and have performed responsibly during intense rescue situations. My training has prepared me to react and take charge during emergency situations and offer the highest level of patient care in accordance to my training.  



                                        Tarheel Trailblazers 

From as far back as I can remember, I have been on two wheels. From riding the treacherous terrain of the Pisgah National Forest at the age of 6 on my Trek Mountain Lion, to the local IMBA Epic at Lake Norman State Park - none of it would be possible without dedicated volunteers who truly share a passion for the sport. My dad, Tom Mathews, is the former president of the Charlotte, NC based 'Tarheel Trailblazers' - A 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that is THE voice of advocacy for mountain biking in the Charlotte-Metro area. They have built and maintain over 30 trails and hundreds of miles of non-stop, pulse-pounding excitement. Cycling has come a long way over the years, and it's growth stems from the men and women behind the shovel, sweating over each foot of trail. Recognizing the importance of serving the community in a unique way, I have been a member of the Trailblazers for years now and continue to work and volunteer whenever I am in the area.


 Appalachian State University Climbing Team

The Appalachian State University Climbing Team is a sanctioned club sport within the school’s University Recreation Department.  The team is comprised of climbers of all levels seeking to get outside and explore the world’s natural playground.  

As a member for the ASU climbing team, I wrote press relases and other related articles concerning the team's 'happenings' and acts of philanthropy and service for the community. As an proficient climber, I guided many trips; extending my skills and knowledge to others seeking to learn and grow within the sport. With my deeply rooted passion for competition, I competed on the team's highly regarded 'Travel Competition Team'. During this time, myself and 7 others would set out regulalrly on weekends to compete in the South East Region of the Collegiate Climbing Series.  From Chatanooga to Boone, and everywhere in between - I had an opportunity to climb exciting routes as well explore new parts of the country and develop life long relationships in the process.  



Bridging the Gap: Rocky Knob Park

In Spring of 2011, Boone NC opened the gates to its first public mountain bike trail system: Rocky Knob Park.  Staged only a few miles from the historic downtown area, Rocky Knob was merely a 5 minute drive away.  Unfortunately, the trail access and parking area could only be accessed from the busiest highway in the area; eliminating the potential for riding one's bike to the park.  Taking notice of this need, I used ArcGIS software to develop an alternative path which would connect the pre-existing greenway and the trailhead of Rocky Knob.  

¨In order to complete an alternate path, my colleagues and I created a cost weighted distance model based upon the variables that were determined necessary. Once all of the data was obtained and various models were created, we could then produce a solution to this difficult problem. This model was later presented to the Boone Area Cyclists (non-profit organization whom built the trails) and is currently be worked into future plans for connecting the trail system to the town and making it more accessible.                                                                                       


  TOMS Campus Ambassador Program

As a senior at Appalachian State University in the fall of 2010, myself and a few other students started a TOMS shoes campus ambassador program for the university. During this time we met weekly to discuss ideas, hosted shoe drives, TOMS shoe painting parties, and presented the TOMS "One for On" documentary to a large audience by utilizing the campus' theater. 

TOMS Shoes began in 2006 and has since donated over 10 Million pairs of shoes to individuals in need globally. Holding true to their moto, "One for One", TOMS donates one pair of shoes for each pair purchased. TOMS is in business to help improve lives. They identify a global need and create products to help address them. This simple idea is what makes them more than a company – it's a movement that’s continually evolving.

Representing an organization that found global and corporate responsibility to be synonymous with each other, was an experience like no other. TOMS is not only impacting the lives of those they deliver shoes to, but is redefining corporate responsibility and changing the way we view business. Since it's inception, they have inspired thousands of other companies to consider this business model, and is truly making a difference globally. 




Watauga County Special Olympics/Watauga Opportunities

In the Fall of 2009, I served as the event coordinator for the Watauga County Special Olympics. My responsibilities included: determing the athlete's events for the day, coordinating food donations, gathering necessary equipment, meeting with Watauga County Parks & Recreation regularly, and promoting the event. I also coached and served as a volunteer for the Special Olympics Watauga Chapter.  

Alongside my work with the Special Olympics, I also set aside time to regularly visit my friends at Watauga Opportunities Inc (WOI). WOI is an organization dedicated to enable self-reliance and enhance independence through the provision of vocational, residential, and community opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment and community involvement. During my time there, I had an opportunity to truly grow and learn from the individuals I spent time with regularly. Whether it was bowling or just sitting down to share a meal, every moment was sacred.